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Based on scientific theories and previous studies, the author has examined the current situation of human resource management in enterprises in the Industrial Zones (IZs) of Hai Duong province in the period from 2015 to 2019. The major contents include recruiting, allocating and using human resources; the situation of human resource assessment and inspection; the situation of human resource development; and policies for human resource management, rewarding and motivating at work. Based on statistics and interviews with 402 employees and managers working in Hai Duong’s IZs, the research results indicate that most of the human resource management activities in the IZs are well implemented. However, the human resource management still has limitations such as the lack of recruitment for production staff. Moreover, the inspection does not really reflect the quality of work; the forms of training with foreigners are mainly provided for managers, not for production staff. Therefore, in order to improve the human resource management, enterprises in the IZs need to strengthen the coordination among departments in recruitment, regularly adjust inspection, assessment, and focus on training activities towards the quality and the comprehensive human resource development.
Keywords: Human Resource Management, Industrial Zone.
JEL classification: M, M1, M12.

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